Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit
L£4,010,090 Save 40%
Designed for delicate body and bikini areas, this precise trimmer boasts three versatile attachments to ensure you can tailor your trim to your own preference. The intelligent, anti-slip grip and hang hook means it’s the ideal product to use in the shower, but for any last minute hair removal emergencies the Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit works just as effectively on dry skin. Instant results and quick to use, this trimmer is the easiest way to remove unwanted hair, leaving you bikini-body beautiful and ready to bare all. Detail trimmer with comfort tips
Remington Graphite Series Personal Groomer G2
L£2,756,036 Save 40%
Leave nowhere unstyled with the Graphite G2: the all-in-one personal groomer that means you’ll no longer have to switch your tool to switch your style. The Graphite Coated Blades give you a smooth glide for comfort. You can achieve up to 10 head-to-toe grooming styles using the 5 attachments. Graphite Coated Blades – Designed for Smooth Glide Comfort . Self-Sharpening Comfort Tip Blades. 30mm Main Blade - Hair and Beard Trimmer.
Remington Bodyguard Groomer
L£3,500,180 Save 40%
If you want to look well-groomed up close then this shower-proof body hair trimmer is the right tool for the job. With interchangeable heads for flexible styling, it's designed to keep the personal areas of your body looking good at all times. The Bodyguard Body Hair Trimmer has a removable comb for varying hair lengths plus a sensitive Comfort Tip blade to help prevent nicks and cuts. Plus, with up to 40 minutes of cordless use this grooming gadget fulfills all your 'man-scaping' needs. Titanium Coated Blades Self-sharpening blades
Remington Style Series Beard Trimmer B5
L£3,674,955 Save 40%
Perfect your look with the Style Series B5 Beard Trimmer. The Titanium Coated, Self-Sharpening Blades and Anti-Slip Textured Tip make for comfortable, controlled grooming. While the Intuitive Zoom Wheel is engineered for both accuracy and ease, so you can effortlessly switch between hair lengths from 0.4-18mm. Self-Sharpening Titanium Coated Blades. Comfort Tip Blades. Removable, Washable Blades. Zoom Wheel Length Adjustment for easy precision.
Remington Style Series Beard Trimmer B4
L£2,756,036 Save 40%
Achieve precise styling with the new Style Series B4 Beard Trimmer. The Intuitive Zoom Wheel lets you effortlessly switch between hair lengths, to trim your sideburns and define your beard. The Self-Sharpening Removable, Washable Blades make this trimmer low maintenance, and with 40-Minutes Cordless Runtime - you always have time to maintain your individual look. Self-Sharpening Comfort Tip Blades Removable Washable Blades Zoom Wheel Length Adjustment for Easy Precision
Remington Style Series Beard Trimmer B3
L£1,990,631 Save 40%
It’s time to ‘Get Your You On’ with Remington’s new Style Series B3 Beard Trimmer. The Intuitive Zoom Wheel, lets you select one of 17 precise cutting lengths with accuracy and ease. While the Self-Sharpening Blades with Comfort Tips have been designed to feel smooth against the skin - always providing sharp results. Self-Sharpening Comfort Tip Blades Removable Washable Blades Zoom Wheel Length Adjustment for Easy Precision
Wahl Pure Confidence Ladies' Grooming Kit
L£1,670,270 Save 40%
Rechargeable Personal Grooming Kit for Ladies! Wahl® Pure Confidence™ Personal Grooming Kit for Women. A Trimmer Head for bikini area, and a 5 position length guide for bulk reduction, outlining and trimming.. A Detailing Head for cosmetic needs - brows or facial area and wherever. A Shaving Head for bikini area or for legs/underarm touch-ups.
Wahl Home Pro 100
L£1,055,856 Save 40%
The Home Pro 100 has been designed for anyone who wants to start haircutting at home. This clipper, which is produced in Europe, has a long lifespan due to its powerful vibration motor. Besides that, the precision-ground blade helps to achieve precise and even results. The blade is also self-sharpening, resulting in sharper blades for a longer time. For anyone wishing to retouch simple details as well, the Home Pro 100 Combo provides the perfect solution. This is the Home Pro 100 in combination with a battery-operated mini trimmer: ideal for the precision needed for the finishing touches of a haircut.
Wahl Travel Kit 11- Piece Trimmer
L£960,000 Save 40%
The Wahl Travel Kit is a complete grooming kit with a battery-operated mini trimmer, a battery-operated ear and nose trimmer, nail file, nail clipper, toothbrush, and more. Thanks to its compact travel case, it’s ideal for travelling. A complete grooming travel kit with everything you need so nothing stops you from having a perfectly groomed look when travelling.
Wahl Groomsman Rechargeable
L£1,224,144 Save 40%
The GroomsMan Rechargeable has a cordless runtime of up to 60 minutes. Even with an empty battery, you can still continue to use it thanks to the cord-cordless feature.  A beard trimmer with an ergonomic design for maximum comfort that can be used with or without the cord. Trimming made easy! 6-position guide comb (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm), 3 single beard guide combs (1.5, 3, 4.5 mm), blade guard, beard comb, storage base, charger, blade oil and cleaning brush. 
Wahl Mustash & Bread Trimmer
L£518,559 Save 40%
The Mustache & Beard is a compact and lightweight beard trimmer, making it very portable. The high-carbon steel blades are precision-ground, ensuring sharp cutting blades for longer periods of time compared to stamped blades. With the battery-operated Mustache & Beard you can easily perfect your look in your own bathroom or while travelling. It is equipped with an adjustable guide comb with 5 positions to make sure you get the right look and 3 single guide combs for stubble, medium and a full beard. The Mustache & Beard Combo features a bonus ear and nose trimmer, offering an extra advantage: Its rotary head lets you remove ear and nose hair without pulling. .
Babyliss Men Body Trimmer
L£3,200,000 Save 35%
Safe and gentle body grooming with a twin blade system for easy, smooth, body trimming. Babyliss Men Body Trimmer is a trimmer designed specifically for hair removal on the entire body. Thanks to the sharp clinker of 100% stainless steel, which sits on each side of the head, you are quickly ready. The machine is 100% waterproof and thus it can also be used under the shower.
Babyliss 8-IN-1 Multi-Purpose Trimmer
L£2,600,000 Save 35%
Multi-trimmer for trimming, shaping and styling facial and body hair. With this trimmer, you can keep your stump or beard in order, trim the sideburns, trim the edges, remove nose and ear hair and groom your body hair. Super sharp titanium cutting blades with high precision for a long time. Up to 60 minutes of use without cord. Washable heads that facilitate cleaning.