Mandala Art Deco
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Mandala Art Deco

Handmade Mandala Art Deco Made in Lebanon !

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Handmade Mandala Art Deco Made in Lebanon !

The word Mandala basically means circle and it represents wholeness in a cosmic diagram that can remind individuals of their direct relation to infinity. Mandalas extend beyond their form and write into our minds and our bodies.
These are symbols of great power and actually appeared to humans in almost every aspect of our life including the moon, the sun, and the earth. These circles encompass not only physical forms but communities, family, and friends.A Mandala can also symbolize the idea of life energy. The circular design in Mandalas can represent the life force as a whole and how it retains never-ending energy.

Dimension : 35 cm

Material : Metal

Color : silver

Weight : 2 kg

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